Domain Name Registration

Other businesses like to keep their hosting services and domain name registration services under a single platform mainly because they get to upgrade to site hosting very easily. Businesses planning to expand their online presence should always keep their URLs close to top quality hosting packages.

Easy Upgradations to Site Hosting

As has already been pointed out, most of the time it happens that domain registrars completely damage the reputation of an established business because of expired web addresses. In this case, the right solution would be keeping website hosting and domain name services under a single account. But then it is important for you to make the choice of a popular service provider that not only offers good quality website hosting solutions but even serves as a duly accredited and the certified domain registrar. Also, make sure that the service provider you are going for has been in this field for more than twenty years.

Some commonly asked questions about domain name registration are as follows:

Name registration
Name registration

What is the concept of a sub-domain?

People do not know much about the concept of a sub-domain through it is widely use. Sub-domains are create on DNS servers on which the websites run. Regular domains and sub-domains are different is that sub-domains do not need to registered. But they can created only after registering the main domain.

What is domain renewal?

Domain renewal means getting the ownership of the already existing domain name after the time span of the same as expired. Domain name renewals are necessary if customers do not want to lose the ownership of their exclusive domains.

What happens to the domains that are not renewed?

Such domains land into a certain pool consisting of all expired domains. Such domain names can re-purchased or back-ordered through auctions.

What if no expire domain name is picked by any business or individual?

It goes into one common pool and is make available for domain registration all over again.

Will I charged extra money for getting my expired domain back?