Windows VPS Server

What is a Windows VPS Server?

A windows VPS server is essentially a dedicated server running on shared hardware. The most significant difference between an ordinary dedicated server, one of our Windows VPS Server is that it enables you to run your virtual operating system inside its own partition, alongside ours but independently from it. This allows us to host more websites per unit of hardware than would be possible with traditional hosting solutions. While simultaneously offering the flexibility of scaling resources up or down in line with demand. Unlike some other providers. Onlive Server uses only enterprise-class hard drives in our data centers (which are located across Europe) meaning that you will have peace of mind knowing your websites are always going to be fast and stable.

IS Windows VPS Easy to Use?

Windows-based VPS services can be overwhelming and might feel like something for only computer professionals.  Windows-based VPS hosting is straightforward to use. When you sign up for our service, we walk you through setting up your server in just a few easy steps. It’s no different than using your computer or another device to install something like an app. You don’t need to do anything special to take advantage of what a Windows VPS Server offers; all you need is internet access. In most cases, you can get access almost instantly after purchasing with us. Onlive Server makes sure everything goes smoothly, so when things go wrong—and they sometimes do—we help get them back on track quickly. You don’t have to worry about any maintenance issues either; we keep things running smoothly behind the scenes so your focus stays where it should be: making money!

Can you customize my VPS Servers?

Yes, you can easily build your own Virtual Private Server. You have total control over its specifications. We offer windows VPS Server and Linux Virtual Private Servers with Windows or Linux operating systems. Both varieties are potent, secure, and easy to use. The performance of a virtual private server will be directly related to its specifications, and we want you to find one that suits your needs perfectly! All our servers are fully customizable, providing optimal performance regardless of how much data they will handle.

Invest Less and Gain High Performance – Onlive Server

A windows VPS server is simply a virtual desktop with a system configuration. And an operating system similar to that of an actual physical computer. The difference lies in that instead of a basic hardware configuration, on-demand. Computing enables you to use as much or as little hardware resources based on your needs. Onlive Server offers both KVM- and CentOS-based Windows servers with various storage options, including SSD drives and RAID 10 protection. Also available are ports for Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems. As there is no dedicated physical space needed, you pay only for what you use. This results in lower costs while still providing our usual top-notch high performance and stability.

Why Choose VPS Server – Onlive Server?

VPS is sometimes called a Virtual Private Server or a Windows-based cloud server. Many individuals and businesses are taking advantage of these virtual servers. Because they are more cost-effective, reliable, and secure than traditional hosting options. Onlive Server offers the Best Cheap VPS to each of our clients’ access to their own individualized. Windows cloud server, which is set up for 24/7 support, full root access, and expert technical guidance. All of our servers run on top of dedicated dual-core CPUs with 4GB RAM and 40GB HDD.