Linux Shared Hosting

What is Linux Shared Hosting?

In the world of web hosting, there are two main types of hosting services, Windows Shared Hosting and Linux Shared Hosting. Both types share the same basic idea, but they differ in how they operate and what they offer customers. If you’re looking to set up your own website, then finding a suitable hosting solution can be essential to making sure that your online presence runs smoothly and successfully at all times. When you start your search for the right web hosting solution, you’ll find yourself faced with two big options: Windows or Linux Hosting? In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at how Linux Shared Hosting differs from Windows hosting and help you find the hosting solution that’s right for you.

The benefits of Linux hosting

Because Linux is an open-source platform, it’s easy to fix bugs and upgrade servers as necessary. This can allow your hosting provider to make improvements more quickly than with Windows servers. You don’t have to worry about downtime when your provider upgrades a Linux server—instead, you see faster performance and better security. Plus, you can use both common control panels and scripts that are available for Linux. These are factors that some people take into consideration when choosing between a Linux or Windows server. It all depends on what your needs are and which environment you feel most comfortable workin

The benefits of shared hosting

For most small businesses and individuals, a shared hosting account offers all they need. It provides a high level of security and stability at an affordable price. Unlike with dedicated servers, no costly hardware has to be bought; one only needs to pay for hosting services on top of that. You’ll also benefit from 24/7 support via phone or email as well as excellent uptime records (keeping your site online even if it suffers from an attack or becomes overloaded). And since you’re sharing resources with other customers on your server (storage space, bandwidth), you won’t have to worry about running out of any of these things.

How to choose a hosting company

If you’re in search of a web hosting company, you’ve probably found yourself buried under a barrage of advertisements, claims, and promises. It can be hard to know where to turn, but it’s worth your time. Before deciding on a host for your website or online application, make sure that they offer. Everything you need and get answers to these questions: What type of hosting do I need? Do they offer Linux Shared Hosting or Windows VPS or both?

What are the advantages of Windows Hosting over Linux hosting?

Well, if you go for a shared Linux hosting then it would be a cheaper option as compared to Windows hosting. You get more flexibility with Linux hosting and you have greater control over your server and domain names. Here, you can also set up custom error pages for 404 errors, etc. Besides, there are many add-ons that are only available in Linux hosting solutions as well as click installation of scripts like WordPress, etc. If you want an easy-to-use platform then Linux hosting solutions work best for small business owners and all future use customers. Our Onlive Server VPS servers offer an uptime guarantee & round-the-clock support to our customers ensuring 24*7 availability of their data at all times.


VPS hosting or a Virtual Private Server is one of the most. Flexible forms of web hosting will give you total control over your server. You have complete freedom over it and can install any software and service you want on it. Cheap VPS gives you all of that at a low cost but with excellent performance capabilities as well. We offer several powerful Cheap VPS Hosting plans in our Onlive Server-powered cloud platform. The Linux-based dedicated servers run on KVM virtualization software, giving them full control over their server environment. Along with other features that make them more secure than traditional shared web hosting plans.