VPS & dedicated server

VPS & Dedicated Server

Onlive Server, while hosting your website, will help you secure your website from unauthorized spam with the help of the server hosting. This is when offline businesses have started relying entirely on website hosting. Server to improve their online presence and safety in the UK. Your business website is believed to be. Online through these Hosting Server plans—the probability of security breaches, system crash downs, low uptime, and website. Closure during the high traffic business hours will be minimal, and strict security will be found. Let’s discuss the benefits of hosting your website with a UK VPS & Dedicated Server hosting plans.

Acute Security

If you run your website on a shared server, hundreds of other sites will be on the same server you use. Malicious, spam, or adult sites can be hosted on the same server, which could harm your site’s security and reliability. Apart from this, it can hack or steal your business’s confidential, sensitive, and vital information, even if a shared server threatens the safety and possibilities of your website. Only dedicated servers and VPS Hosting are considered the best choice for both situations. When there is no one to share the server with you. Are using others other than yours, the security vulnerability or any harmful work on your website will be reduced.

IP Address

Any central e-commerce portal does not work well on a small shared server. So it would be best if you went for non-shared server hosting. When your website runs on a small web server. You will not get any IP address assigned to the server. If you use the non-shared web server when you get your IP address. Specifically, websites that require SSL or DDoS for processing credit cards and PayPal should rely on trusted VPS hosting or a dedicated hosting server.

Trustable Performance

If you do not want to bring down the performance of your business website, a reason for excessive website traffic. It would be best to trust only Dedicated Server and VPS hosting solutions. No matter how many websites are running at a time and server. When your website has its server, then your website will not be slowed down or in any way closed. In addition, if the system crashes, you will not have to worry about it because our hosting service provider will take full responsibility for backing up and restoring the data and helping with your troubles. When you run your website online, it runs online with our good performance-based Dedicated Server and VPS Server Hosting plans.

Manageable Option

When you hire a Uk Dedicated Server and VPS from Onlive Server company. You get all the valuable services and receive full power to use all the high resources from your purchased server. This means that your service will bear all the costs of running the server. In addition, maintenance and service charges will also be paid by the owner of the server. Here is no hidden cost for the maintenance. If you go with an independent server like non-shared, you can easily modify, add, or remove apps based on the needs of your website. In addition, the website’s scalability becomes possible if it runs on a server rented from our company. Its Data Center is located in the United Kingdom.

Reliable Services

There are enough reasons to rely on our Cheap VPS & Dedicated server hosting services for the secure, efficient, and competitive work of your company’s website. This is why most of the medium and large websites are running and going on these servers on the web. There should be firm control over your online project in every way to run an online business. Also, free technical support for the server is critical. This way, you will need to take all the server resources.


Onlive Server’s Cheap VPS and dedicated servers stand at the forefront of driving your website’s success. With scalability, performance, control, and security at their core, these server hosting solutions are more than a technological choice—they are a strategic decision that can open doors to unprecedented possibilities for your website’s success.

FAQs About Onlive Server – VPS & Dedicated Servers

1.Qus-What is Onlive Server?
Ans-Onlive Server is a leading server hosting provider offering VPS and dedicated server solutions that enhance website performance and increase possibilities for success.

2.Qus-What is VPS hosting by Onlive Server?
Ans-Onlive Server’s VPS hosting is a server solution that offers an isolated virtual environment for your website, ensuring dedicated resources, enhanced security, and excellent performance.

3.Qus-What are the benefits of Onlive Server’s VPS hosting?
Ans-Onlive Server’s VPS hosting provides benefits like dedicated resources, greater control, enhanced security, scalability, and fast SSD storage for speedy website loading times.