Enhance your Business with Best Dedicated Servers

Onlive Server is a great service for a range of hosting needs. All their servers are backed by powerful enterprise tools. They are also flexible, allowing you to customize the hardware and software to suit your needs. You can also customize your Control Panel, which offers a range of features. It is one of the best web hosting services, and they offer a wide variety of support options. As a Best Dedicated Server, Onlive Server offers a variety of benefits beyond simple website hosting.

The no-downtime guarantee is an essential advantage for any online business, especially those with fluctuating traffic. This means that any issues are resolved quickly and you don’t have to worry about your website disappearing during the day. You can rely on this guarantee as it allows you to plan your resources better.

Customer Support and Advantages of Best Dedicated Server

The onlive server offers excellent customer support with unmetered disk space and bandwidth. You can get 99.99% bandwidth capacity and disk space, and you need solid information move assuming you maintain a business that depends on a lot of information. If your server is not up and running at the time of need, you can always take the help of a knowledgeable expert. There’s no compelling reason to stress over any downtime, and you can rest assured that your website will be online at whatever point you really want it!

Convenience and benefits offered by Onlive Server

Onlive Server offers many benefits including enhanced security. In addition to intercept downtime and losing information, a dedicated server gives a reasonable, secure backup storage choice. The host is liable for checking security dangers and takes additional consideration to ensure the data on the server. Dedicated servers are also capable of countering spikes in traffic.

Best Dedicated Server

Dedicated servers are also highly cost-efficient and require little or no maintenance. They are installed by expert technicians and come with a wide range of features. These include anti-spam filters, firewalls, and the network layer. In addition, many hosting providers implement enterprise-level technology to keep your data secure. Dedicated servers have excess power sources, 24-hour invigilating and network valency.

Add-ons Supported:

Dedicated servers offer a variety of features that can benefit businesses. For example, they allow users to install software such as a CMS (Content Management System), and the operating system of their choice. In addition, dedicated servers provide better protection against denial-of-service attacks and malware. Dedicated servers also provide better website performance, as they are not shared with other websites. Apart from these, dedicated servers also allow users to install applications and software themselves.

Root Access:

There are two kinds of root access on a dedicated server. One sort is full root SSH while the other is RDP. Whatever you pick, you should consistently pick one that gives full root SSH or RDP admittance to the server. It permits you to arrange equipment and outsider applications. It gives you full oversight over your server and works on the unwavering quality of your site. The most dependable dedicated servers have the best insurance against security breaks.

Full Control:

Dedicated servers are better than shared web hosts. Unlike a shared server, you have complete control over the hardware and operating system on your dedicated server. You can customize the software and customize the system as per your business needs. You can also install more software on them and customize their setup to meet your specific needs. They are also an excellent choice for businesses that deal with high-volume transactions.


Dedicated server offer expanded adaptability. As your business develops and needs to develop, you can easily grow your servers. You can likewise change the operating system, add more memory and add more transfer speed. You can likewise redo your server to suit your business. There are a lot more reasons to move up to a dedicated server. It permits you to pick the hardware and software you need.

Elite Performance:

Dedicated Server give superior execution and security to your site. They likewise permit you to redesign your system if vital. Server power and security make it ideal for enormous sites. The manager has root access to the server and can modify all server settings and logs. Furthermore, a dedicated service permits you to install diverse operating system. Moreover, dedicated servers are additionally affordable.

Distinction between Cloud Server and Dedicated Server:

The distinction between cloud hosting and dedicated server turns out to be most clear when looking at execution, adaptability, and evaluating.

Dedicated servers are ordinarily the most essential decision for an hosting that is searching for quicker handling and recuperation of data. Since they process the information locally, they don’t encounter much lag while performing these tasks.

Cloud servers, on the other hand, need to go through a storage area network (SAN) to get to the information, which finishes the process from the back end of the infrastructure. This extra processing adds a specific level of latency.

Last Pricing-

Cloud servers commonly have lower section costs than dedicated servers. However, cloud servers lose this benefit as the organization scales and requires more assets.

Dedicated servers might have impediments during upgrades, but installed hardware is a one-time cost and a resource of the organization.

Cloud servers, on the other hand, are charged dependent on the assets you may require, the more you want, the more you pay.

Onlive Server offers the Cloud VPS services at cheap rates. You can avail this services for your business needs.


Onlive Server provides the best stability, speed and security. The best dedicated servers can install and use a wide range of applications, and have their own IP address. Dedicated Server are generally more flexible and can be configured to meet the needs of a wide variety of users.