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Everyone knows that a long-term relationship is one of the keys to a mutually beneficial business agreement. The more time and effort both parties put into building mutual trust and getting the connection up and running. The better and more profitable the deal with Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting. This is a well-known principle, but many companies offering low-cost dedicated servers don’t seem to take their role seriously. Trust me, my friend, I’ve been alone too many times and only tried cheap servers, and there are undoubtedly many companies I don’t even think about.

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If you rent a cheap dedicated server hosting, you don’t just rent a computer. You rent technical service, maintenance, and monitoring. The fact that you chose a cheap dedicated server shouldn’t mean that the provider doesn’t provide at least a minimum of support to get you started or that you wait forever to answer a question you asked do you have to. If they don’t seem to take you seriously, you have to ask yourself what to expect from a long-term relationship with them.

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if you rent a cheap server hosting service, imagine it as a wedding. Would you like to spend the rest of your life on the Internet with them? You had better choose wisely. Let me tell you something about the first dedicated server I rented. At the time, there weren’t many places to look for information on dedicated servers, and the few websites that treated them were just commercial sites that bought what they offered. Since I had no objective and accurate data to help me, I had to choose what they said, not the opinions of others.

At first, it seemed like a lot, but when the first problem came up, I realized it wasn’t that much. I found that one of my hosted websites was not working, so I emailed my provider, asking what happened and how to fix the problem. They answered … four days later. As a result, I lost the customer whose website had the problem, and because of their insult, I can say that they will never trust me again. All because they took ages to answer a simple and precise email about a problem caused primarily by them. When I think about it these days, I’m glad I switched providers and moved to another cheap, dedicated server. If I had stayed with them, I would probably lose more customers and everyone’s trust.

So, my friend, if you want to rent cheap dedicated server hosting from a hosting company, I strongly recommend you take the time to find out what your customers say about their service. This critical issue can be the foundation of a long-term relationship that you both benefit. The lack of support can cause your company and reputation to deteriorate.

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Save money on hosting virtual dedicated servers with Onlive Server. Virtualization can save server hosting companies money by allowing server functions to run on fewer physical computers. This saves space, electricity, maintenance, and acquisition costs in advance. VMware takes virtualization further. The bare-metal hypervisor runs more efficiently than OS-based virtualization, enables more processes to run with less operating system overhead, and offers many functional system options for virtual machine users.

With the introduction of Onlive Server 4, VMware’s latest virtualization platform for data centers. Offers excellent savings for both virtual server hosting companies and their customers. However, higher server consolidation, lower power consumption, denser storage, and lower maintenance requirements are required while more virtual machines are supported.

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Onlive Server offers more money-saving features from VMware to lower the cost per virtual server and reduce the environmental impact through more efficient server consolidation, dynamic performance scaling, and higher bandwidth networks. Onlive Server provides all hardware brands with up to 64 logical processing cores, 256 virtual CPUs, and one terabyte of RAM per host, so more virtual machines can be operated on less physical server space. With the support of AMD Rapid Virtualization and Intel Extended Page Tables, consolidation rates can be increased. By significantly increasing the number of VMs on each physical server, hosting companies achieve economies of scale faster, resulting in lower costs and, in many cases, lower prices.

Direct savings also result from lower power consumption and less infrastructure. The dynamic voltage and frequency scaling reduce electricity costs. Hosting companies can dramatically reduce network complexity by implementing 10 GBPS Ethernet and Network Distributed Switch. This complexity reduction results in lower equipment purchase costs and a reduction in the number of personnel required to install and maintain the network. This allows the VMware-based hosting company to work more cost-effectively, which in turn can be used to provide better service for less money. Finally, thin storage provisioning enables your hosting company to increase storage density, resulting in lower costs per GB of storage.

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Under competitive pressure, a VMware-based server hosting company can pass on the savings achieved with Onlive Server to its customers. If you’re looking for dedicated server hosting, a hosting company that uses. Onlive Server can achieve higher consolidation rates by supporting higher-density hardware.


In the day and age of digitization, having an effective online presence is crucial. The perfect blend of control, performance, security, and affordability is provided by Linux Dedicated Server Hosting, making. It an ongoing relationship to assist your digital journey. While finding the ideal service could take some time and work, it will be worth it in the long run for the business you run.