Find the Germany Dedicated Server Best Plans for Your Business

If you are looking for a Germany Dedicated Server plan, Onlive Server is the best choice for you. We offer powerful and flexible dedicated hosting plans, with each plan featuring scalable resources. Whether you need powerful hardware to host an application or space to store your customers’ data, we can provide the solution you need. All of our Germany Dedicated Server plans come equipped with enterprise-grade hardware, ensuring you get all the power and flexibility you need from your server without overpaying.

Why choose Onlive Server Plans?

The benefit of choosing Germany Dedicated Server Hosting is that you can provide better quality for your website or application. If your business is making money from traffic, you need to have a server in Germany because that’s where most of your potential customers are coming from. A data center with a local IP will increase your conversion rate and revenue, while it will provide more speed than those servers situated outside Germany. Thus, having any kind of site on an off-shore server will significantly impact users’ experience and overall sales of your business. We provides flexible and scalable hosting solutions to help businesses succeed today and into tomorrow.

These are high-performance dedicated server solutions designed to fulfill your business needs. No matter what your business requires, we can give you a better solution with top quality support and service from our technicians. Take a closer look at our Germany Dedicated Server Hosting plans and find one that fits your hosting needs.

Why use Dedicated Servers?

There are many reasons why people choose dedicated servers. One reason is that dedicated servers are faster than shared servers, because you don’t have to share resources with other customers. You also have more control over your server—you can install certain software, you have access to all of your data, and you can make changes or upgrades whenever you want. Using a dedicated server is also much more secure than using a shared server because you only have one customer (the host) and there is no risk of someone else breaking into your server. Another benefit is that it’s cheaper to own a dedicated server than it is to rent space on a cloud provider or use Amazon Web Services; you don’t have to pay extra fees on top of hardware rental costs.

You may have heard that shared hosting is faster and more reliable than dedicated servers. If you have looked at dedicated server plans, you’ve probably noticed they can be very expensive. The truth is that some businesses require resources like a dedicated server offers in order to run efficiently and quickly, even though shared hosting is more affordable. When should you use a Germany Dedicated Server Hosting? Here are some scenarios where an affordable, yet high-powered option like Germany Dedicated Servers will benefit your business.

How to get started using our Dedicated Server?

If you’re new to using a dedicated server, we recommend purchasing our Hosting Starter Pack. The Hosting Starter Pack includes everything you need to get started with your Germany Dedicated Server hosting plan, including: 24/7 support, VPS manager, Web Site Control Panel and much more. Once you’ve received an account activation link from us, simply follow these five steps to sign up and get started.
Once you’ve decided on a plan, it’s time to get started. For our Germany Dedicated Server Hosting services, there are 3 main steps: First, select your Germany Dedicated server configuration and choose your billing option; second, confirm your order and provide payment information. Lastly, create an account and get access to Onlive Server Control Panel! Now that you have access to Onlive Control Panel (OCP), it’s time to log in and setup your server! You’ll want to ensure all required network adapters are connected before proceeding any further. You may also wish to customize any of our default security settings.

Recommended configurations

Our servers are standard very amount units. All of our servers are guaranteed to be high quality and reliable. There is a range of CPU, memory, disk space and bandwidth available in each server plan we offer. If you have any specific requirements or preferences that aren’t outlined here please get in touch with us and we will try our best to accommodate your needs as best as possible. Some other things you might want to consider when choosing a hosting plan.


Choosing a web hosting company can be challenging. Germany Dedicated Server Hosting with affordable price you can use fulfill your business and personal needs. There are so many companies in our industry that it may seem hard to determine which one you should go with. Luckily, Onlive Server stands out from other web hosting providers due to several factors, including competitive pricing and an abundance of power and bandwidth options. We provide top-notch service and support to each of our customers – all of which will ensure your business is always protected and able to reach its full potential online. If you’re looking for a strong option in your quest for a new web host, look no further than Onlive Server – we are a perfect fit.