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Each WordPress Web hosting plan offers different features, including the number of websites you can host. While it’s tempting to sign up for the plan that offers the most features. It would be best to determine how many sites you need to host, and how much data transfer you expect each month. The main difference between WordPress Web Hosting plans is unlimited domains versus the number of hosted sites (for example, one of five). If your website receives a lot of traffic or if you plan to create subdomains. Then you will want to go with an unlimited domain hosting package.

Lastly, there is the WordPress Web Hosting plan of Onlive Server. Which is designed for those with mid-sized to large websites. As with all shared hosting solutions, this package will limit you to only one site. However, considering its many features, it’s appealing to many beginners and intermediates. If your website grows beyond its limits at any point during the first year, WP Engine has provided a credit. That can be used on additional resources. Considering this web host’s reputation among security experts and hosting services professionals. It’s safe to say that this plan will function quite well for just about any.

The Key Features of WordPress Web Hosting

Free Site Builder software

With our free Site builder software, you can create beautiful, engaging websites for yourself and your clients and get unparalleled support from WordPress experts. Your new website is always available online and easily managed through your chosen web hosting provider. You can search for themes and add features like video and audio, build your online store, and integrate e-commerce solutions. With a free account, you can save multiple site versions under different development stages. — The safety net we provide helps you build more confidently, which in turn helps you produce better work.

24/7 Customer support

The customer service of the company is one of the best quality. While you are on your website, there is always be some trouble or error then you can call them without any hesitation. Simply, you need the best technical support for making your website on WordPress Web Hosting. So it is very helpful for you if you want to start a website for business purposes.

SSL certificate

A website secured by an SSL certificate appears with a locked icon and the URL starting with https rather than HTTP. This ensures that information between you and the web server is encrypted so unauthorized parties cannot access your bank account or business data. As the world becomes more connected, businesses of all sizes must give customers confidence in their security. Adding an SSL certificate to your website is the most cost-effective way to secure your business website’s personal data from your visitors.

Full root access

Onlive Server allows you to modify your site at a more detailed level. It offers full administrative access, including root access. If you have not been granted access to the back end of your website before, you can move around and make edits on a deeper level.

Fast uptime

Our Web Hosting company serves more than 10,000 clients across 35+ Countries. With a 99.9% guarantee and a 7×24 guarantee, we will do what it takes to keep your website up-to-date. We provide an Uptime guarantee and deliver web hosting services quickly and securely.


WordPress is a free and easy way to create a website, blog, or online store. A free account from Onlive Server will include everything you need to get started, from easy-to-use website builder software to lots of free professionals. Design elements easily integrated into your site as you build it. Each user also has unlimited access to our award-winning 24/7 support team. We’re here to guide you through creating your new site, bringing traffic, and making your business successful.

  1. Is WordPress Web Hosting Best?

    Web hosting is a service that provides you space to host your website or online content. WordPress Web Hosting or Managed WordPress Hosting is the best choice for bloggers and business owners who use the open-source, highly functional WordPress content management system (CMS).