If you are a Businessman, your Business is the most important thing in your life. You have worked hard, spent countless hours getting your business up and running. To keep it going, you must have the best technology available. VPS Cloud Server is the perfect choice to keep your business running.


With the increase in data around the world, one of the questions that scientists were first asked was – what proportion of data is often stored in one location? The question was simple. How much data can a person take in his home store without taking up much space? As we are set to take terabytes of knowledge servers to portable disks like HDDs, this is still not enough considering the amount of knowledge that flows over the internet. It seems that the need of data server cannot be satisfied unless you buy huge land to store data like data farm. Now, through an easy-to-use web interface, it was possible for anyone to shop for a few servers on the cloud and not have to worry with the least amount of physical location. From there, VPS Cloud Servers are helping companies in many ways other than just physical space savings.

Current Status of Cloud VPS Server

Nowadays, businesses have started to recognize other benefits of cloud servers. Here we are talking about cloud-based services and computing facilities and overall functionality provided by cloud-based server systems. It is clear that using a cloud-based server reduces your overall need for physical space and physical hardware. It doesn’t matter if it is windows cloud server or WordPress cloud.

But apart from that, cloud-based servers have several other major benefits. They are here:

  1. Safety comes first and foremost – Using a cloud-based server reduces your overall need for security. When it comes to security on cloud server providers, Onlive Server keeps your data secure, and they do so with expertise. With us, businesses no longer need to worry about hiring a specialized team to set up a secure VPS server. The cloud-server provider is solely responsible for encryption and decryption when accessing data, not you.
  2. The second is Access – With a fully root access virtual private server, it is possible for you to securely access your data and process it from anywhere in the world at any time. Uptime and access solve the need for most companies to hire additional crew to keep data centers up and running at all times.
  3. Access brings us to the maintenance – There is no need for maintenance on your part. Onlive Server handle these types of things to ensure that your experience while using them is as smooth as possible. This is possible with a Windows or Linux VPS as well as a secure WordPress cloud.
  4. Most important is the need for budget and commitment – If we look at the total cost of buying and maintaining a data center, it would easily eat up a lot of the company’s budget. But there is not such a huge investment when using the cloud server feature. You can use it for commitment required by the provider, and that’s it. This takes care of a substantial portion of the business’s money and reduces the overall commitment required for investment.


We hope that with this guide, you will be ready to understand what you want. What you should be looking for, and what you would expect from any service provider you choose. Therefore, the Onlive Server is here to assist you with the initial suggestion. If you are looking to host a new website for your business. We also offer Linux Reseller Hosting plans at very reasonable prices. So, why wait? Get started right away with our hosting services.