Domain Name Search

Domain Name Search

The latest updates, however, have made Google ever smarter, giving it the ability to increasingly analyze and value the quality of website content, rather than their domain names check the Domain Name Search. At the moment, therefore, Google no longer considers the presence of keywords within domains as an SEO positioning factor. Indeed, excessive use of this old practice could lead to penalizing factors on the part of search engines. Despite this, using keywords within the domain name could help Google not so much as the users themselves. The use of keywords relating to your business or the geographical context in which this operates could lead users to an automatic connection between your site and the needs expressed by them through the Google search, favoring the much-desired click.

Now that you understand the importance of choosing a suitable domain name, you are finally ready to launch a winning business online.

What is a domain name?

The domain name, often synonymous with domain, is the address used to visit a particular website. It is the part after “@” in an email address or after // in a web address. For example, the URL or full address is and the domain name is “” check the Domain name. In the metaphor of the house, the domain is the address (street and house number) and the URL is the entire path to the house, that is, up to a certain room in the house.

What is a web address?

– HTTP / HTTPS indicates the protocol used to transfer information to this website. The “S” stands for “secure” and means that an SSL certificate is in use for this domain.
– The subdomain is comparable to a folder on your PC; www is also a subdomain
– Second level domain; is the domain you register when you buy a domain, eg. “”
– Top-level domain, eg. a generic top-level domain, abbreviation gTLD
– Page or filename
– Page extension, for example .html or .aspx

How do domain names work?

When you type a domain name in the browser address bar, your browser searches for the website based on the corresponding IP address Domain Name registration sites. The Domain Name System often referred to as DNS, provides the mapping of the domain name to the IP address. It converts the domain name (which remains much easier for humans to remember) into an address that the browser can understand.

How can they buy a domain name?

You can purchase domain names from registrars (like us) who register on your behalf the domain names you want that are still free (not yet owned by other people). Buying a domain name means that when you type in your web address, you come to your website. Domains are registered and renewed annually, so a domain cannot be owned “forever”. To protect your registration, providers often activate the automatic renewal and domain lock functions on your domain.

What is web hosting and how do domain and web hosting work?

Continuing with the analogy of a house, if the domain is an address, then the virtual host is the land where you will build the house, that is, your website Check Domain name online. Web hosting usually includes many functions, eg. the webspace from which you can run your website and the ability to host email on your domain.

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What are top-level domains?

Having surfed the web before, you already know that most website addresses end with .com, but also with .net, .org, or (more recently) with .io or .tv. These are called top-level domains. Among these, some are subject to scrutiny (eg .gov). In addition, in recent years, a number of interesting extensions have become increasingly popular, such as .coffee or .design Check Domain name online. So you have the option to choose a top-level domain (TLD) that is exclusive and that, at times, best describes the website – for example, .fm is the widely used extension for “radio and podcasting” websites. The requirements and prices for registering top-level domains vary;, however, makes it easy to register a huge variety of over 250 different TLDs. To Check Domain Availability visit on OnliveServer.Com.

What are country-code TLDs?

A Country Code TLD (ccTLD) is a top-level domain, dedicated to a specific country. For example, is the ccTLD of the United Kingdom and .ca that of Canada. Normally you have to prove that you are a resident (or have a registered business) in the country where you want to register the ccTLD; TLD domains, on the other hand, can be registered by anyone, anywhere. Tuvalu, whose ccTLD is .tv, allows foreign entities to register a .tv. As a result of this, there has been an increase in the number of video websites using the ccTDL “.tv”. The same is true for the Federated States of Indonesia, whose ccTLD is.