UK Dedicated Server

A Dedicated Server is what?

A high-performance server is hosted by us in our data centres as a UK Dedicated Server. This you can use to manage your company or website.

By offering high-performance hosting options that can grow with your company as you expand and grow your online presence, Dedicated Server offers a great approach to launch your business, product, or service online. No matter where you are in the UK, we can rapidly serve you thanks to our UK-dedicated Server in London. A UK Dedicated Server by Instant UK Server will be perfect for you if you’re seeking for top performance, high stability, and high availability to host your website, database, or eCommerce site!

A dedicated server is the best option if you need a server with excellent performance, minimal latency, and plenty of disc space. With a dedicated server in the UK, you may host your website and applications without worrying about any other services provided by outside parties. Such as shared hosting or cloud hosting. You may fully enjoy all the advantages of owning your own server with UK Dedicated Server hosting.

Why get a UK Dedicated Server?

Although it may seem like these advantages are only available to businesses, individuals can also take use of them. You will not have to worry about other users eating up your resources because you receive a dedicated server. It’s ideal for hosting your website, database. eCommerce site on a dedicated IP address because at Instant UK Server offers unlimited bandwidth and storage capacity. Finally, you’ll be able to offer your consumers top-notch service thanks to our servers’ high level of optimisation and dependability (99% uptime is assured). We offer the perfect services for anyone looking for dependability and affordability thanks to all of this and amazing pricing!

We have everything you’re searching for. Whether you require a server for your company or just as a stand-alone service. We provide solutions with 4GB to 128GB of RAM and 8 CPU Cores. You have the option of using RAID for faster for data redundancy. There is something here for every application thanks to the six different operating systems and a tonne of additional features! Since all of our services are expandable, you can always change your plan if you discover that you require additional resources in the future.

The UK Dedicated Server testimonials from some of their most valued customers

Some of our client’s desire to use the server to host their databases. These clients make use of databases from MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Oracle, and MS SQL. Small personal websites and e-commerce platforms are among the websites we host for clients. We constantly handle backups from dedicated servers, provide SSL certificates, and set up well-liked open-source web applications.

We may occasionally have to temporarily move you to another server due to maintenance or other issues. Rest assured that once your site is switch back over. We will do all in our power to minimise any downtime. Any work performed on a different server shouldn’t have any impact whatsoever. If you are anxious about how long something is taking, you can always get in touch with our support team for an update. Please keep a backup even if all the information. Content on your website belongs to you alone. Any data before handing it over so that we can assist in a speedy restoration in the event of an emergency. We can offer the greatest advice on backup techniques if you’d want it.

What we offer

Excellent hosting performance, sturdiness, and dependability are provided by UK dedicated servers. These servers are perfect for hosting your website, database, or eCommerce site on their dedicated IP address with limitless bandwidth and storage space.

You can select from a variety of packages using customizable choices to match your business’s needs. For PHP and MySQL databases, you can also rent our Full Virtualization Service.

Every night, a backup of your PC will made to our RAID system. to guarantee that data is never lost if the system fails. You can depend on your server to available at all times because we provide 100% uptime.

How we care about their clients

We recognise that you require a dedicated server around-the-clock and that downtime is not an option. We make a lot of effort to provide you with prompt, courteous customer service and uptime that leads the industry. If you have any queries about hosting on our Dedicated Servers, our team is available by phone, chat, or email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We take great satisfaction in being receptive so you always feel comfortable working with us.

Regarding technical assistance, we make a lot of effort to guarantee excellent client service. When you require assistance. The crew is able to assist you right away. It’s simple to receive answers quickly using our online ticketing system and self-service Knowledge Base. If you require detailed advice or have a problem that requires greater attention. One of our customer care representatives will please to assist you if you give us a call. You can call us to get in touch.

What are the benefits of a UK Dedicated Server?

With our Cheap Dedicated Server, you may host your website, database, or eCommerce site on a dedicated IP address with limitless bandwidth and storage space. With business performance and stability at an all-time high. One approach to guarantee that your server is always accessible to any remote workers is to do this. The virtualized servers are equippe with a potent Intel Xeon E5 processor and quick solid-state discs to handle all of your network traffic.

What distinguishes a dedicated server from a virtual private server?

Yes, these two terms differ significantly from one another. One sort of virtualization in which the resources are distribute among numerous virtual machines is a VPS. A virtual machine is not included with a dedicated server. However, dedicated servers cost more than VPS. They provide greater advantages because you have complete control over your server resources and can better optimise them.